Our general English secondary classes bring English to life through interesting courses that stimulate our learner’s minds and get them to start to critically think in English about the world around them.

Our general secondary courses prepare our students for more challenging academic courses they will go through later in their academic life.

Secondary Courses


Pathways is a course designed for secondary students ages 14 to 17 with the primary goal of helping them develop the language skills needed to achieve academic success during university studies as well as being a pathway to success in TOEFL iBT preparation. The series features reading and writing strands that gives students the opportunity to apply learned concepts in the form of weekly written assignments as well as formal oral presentations every month. The units of the separate modules correspond easily with each other, so that we are able to present it concurrently. Each term will cover three units from both modules during which routine vocabulary quizzes and written essays will be used to assess the students understanding of the material and ability to apply it. The term will culminate in a week of writing revisions, presentation preparation and finally a formal oral presentations and a written test.


Impact helps teenage learners to be?er understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in. By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation, Impact motivates students to explore who they are and who they want to be, all while learning English!


• National Geographic Explorers are featured as role
models who embody the 21st century skills and values teenagers need to become successful global citizens.

• Cross-curricular topics engage learners with stimulating information about the world, be?er preparing them for future academic success.

• Student-choice activities and projects present learners with options for language practice, allowing teens to become active participants in the learning process.

THỜI KHÓA BIỂU Summer Quest 2023

UEC SUMMER INTENSIVE PROGRAM 2023 UEC SUMMER QUEST Ưu đãi 3.000.00 VNĐ khi đăng ký trước ngày 21.5.2023 Kết nối – Trải nghiệm – Cởi mở – Năng động – Kết nối nhiều bạn bè từ nhiều nền văn hóa khác nhau Rèn luyện kỹ năng và thực chiến Tiếng Anh – tiếp thu nhanh

UEC Summer Program 2023

SUMMER QUEST 2023 Our intensive English camp for kids is the perfect chance for kids to learn, explore new things and make new friends. Our team dedicated and well-prepared teachers will guide students, on a quest of self-discovery and academic growth designed for their future journey through education. Register before May 21 to GET A

Summer Selfie contest

  Have a nice day!?? ✍️️Các bạn đã sẵn sàng để rinh về cho mình chiếc iPhone 7 cực xinh và nhiều phần cực hấp dẫn khác chưa nào?!!!!??? ✍️️Nếu bạn nào chưa kịp tham gia thì ngay bây hãy cầm chiếc điện thoại và thực hiện theo các bước hướng dẫn bên dưới nhé!??