3 in 1 Course Details

Our General English Courses are designed to improve all four English skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Whilst focusing on using English naturally in their day to day lives, students also work on improving their grammar and expanding their vocabulary range. Every lesson has clear objectives to help students progress and contribute to their overall development thus bringing them closer to achieving their English language goals.

UEC’s Corporate Business English program helps professionals with their English communication to improve their verbal and written English to be more professional. This course covers:

  • Written Communications in Business
  • Making Effective Oral Presentations, and
  • Oral Intelligibility.

Our tailor made Industry Specific Courses are geared towards improving student’s English abilities in their chosen field. The vocabulary and situations that will enable students to be sociolinguistically appropriate for their industry are also incorporated into the lessons.

This exam preparation course is for students wishing to sit exams such as SATs, IELTS or TOEFL iBT. This tailor made course helps students increase their potential test scores. Test preparation involves understanding the test and learning the best ways to answer questions for that specific test.

SpeakUP! is a specialized Conversational fluency Program which helps improve fluency in English and build confidence when using the language. Students will participate in a variety of real-life scenarios that have them leaving the course equipped to speak English confidently.

Ship or Sheep? is a pronunciation program designed to focus on articulation, intonation and social context. Students will learn to identify their own phonemic trouble spots and learn techniques to enhance their spoken English in order to reinforce speech clarity thus bringing them closer to sounding like a native speaker.