Mr. Ryan

Hi there, my name is Mr. Ryan.

I have over two years experience teaching English as a foreign language in addition to a year and a half of tutoring undergraduates and postgraduates in economics. Having taught various age groups in a variety of ways and having earned a TEFL qualification, I have come to develop an ability to tailor my lessons to the needs and desires of my students. I am an energetic and creative teacher, who mixes spontaneity with meticulous planning and who gets a deep sense of satisfaction from seeing his students do well. My six years of study and research in economics have also left me well placed to teach academic and business English.

– Undergraduate:
Master of Arts with First Class Honours in Economics, University of Edinburgh
– Postgraduate:
Master’s in Economic Analysis and Policy, University of Paris 7 & 13
Master’s in International Economics, Berlin School of Economics & Law
– Accredited UK Level 5 TEFL certificate, regulated by Ofqual (UK government)